• CA Technologies Pledge
    of Environmental and
    Social Responsibility

Pledge your support to help CA Technologies as we strive to be the world's most socially and environmentally responsible software company.

I pledge to become an active participant of the CA Technologies Sustainability Program. I commit to consider the environmental, social and economic impact of my daily decisions, reduce my ecological footprint, and improve the communities in which I live and work.

Instructions: Check all the actions that you are currently doing and will commit to do this year to reduce your environmental footprint.

I pledge to use energy responsibly by...
Shutting off the power strip or otherwise powering down my computing and electronic equipment at the end of each day.
Unplugging electronic devices that consume electricity when turned 'off'.
Disabling my screensaver.
Turning down my thermostat one degree in winter and up one degree in summer.
Shutting off lights and any audio visual equipment when I leave a room.
I pledge to use water responsibly by...
Completely turning off the water tap.
Fixing all leaking water fixtures at home.
I pledge to use and dispose of materials responsibly by...
Using reusable drinking containers.
Donating unwanted items.
Stopping my junk mail.
Using recycled paper.
Recycling materials.
I pledge to use more sustainable travel options by...
Taking public transportation, ride-sharing, walking, or cycling to work at least one day a week (on average).
Making meetings more sustainable by reducing travel and paper use.
Combining my errands to reduce car trips.
Considering alternative means of transportation, e.g., trains before booking short-haul flights.
I pledge further to socialize my pledge by...
Telling three friends about this pledge.
Leading by example.
Being tolerant of inconveniences associated with implementing more ecofriendly programs in my community and my place of work.
Volunteering in my community at least one day this year.

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Did you know
Throwing away one aluminum can wastes as much energy as if that can were full of gasoline. Think twice before you throw the can into the garbage.

Did you know that if you have travelled 100 miles by plane you would be responsible for the release of 65 pounds of CO2?

If you choose to take a train you would only have released 42 pounds. So next time you need to make a short haul trip consider more sustainable transportation.