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Visible Ops Private Cloud presents a four-phase approach for managing the development and rollout of a private cloud. It was written with and created for enterprise IT executives and datacenter managers who are responsible for the success of private cloud initiatives. The book is based on the study of enterprise IT organizations that have implemented private cloud solutions. It includes ITPI’s in-depth analysis of the key competencies these organizations have in common. It is also grounded by the authors’ more than 60 years of combined experience in systems management, virtualization and IT process management.

"The Visible Ops Private Cloud handbook both identifies and navigates through the obstacles to implementing a private cloud within the enterprise. It contains a compilation of best practices from top-performing IT organizations that will benefit anyone on their journey to the private cloud." - Joel Kehle, Cloud Architect, Qualcomm

"Whether readers are trying to formulate an initial private cloud strategy or refine a current one, Visible Ops Private Cloud will help them get it right the first time. The book explains the key people, process and technology competencies and focus areas necessary for successful private cloud deployments." – Andi Mann, CA Technologies

"It is a tour de force description on how to get there." – Charles Babcock, Editor-at-large, Information Week

"A must read for every IT Pro who is interested in private cloud deployments." – Ruben Spruijt, Technology Officer, PQR

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