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CA Federation

(formerly CA SiteMinder® Federation)

Federated identity management makes your online presence secure, available and accessible—without organizational boundaries getting in the way.

Collaborating transparently with other businesses is the key to growing your organization, but you can’t risk any lapses in protecting your information. As the boundaries of organizations become less well defined, your organization needs the ability to control the information it shares while maintaining availability and accessibility.

CA Federation delivers standards-based federated identity management and secure information sharing so that you can build business relationships and collaborate with partners easily and safely. It ensures that users from one organization get secure access to other organizations and cloud services with the protection needed so that your organization’s important or sensitive information stays in the hands of the right people.

CA Federation reduces redundant user stores or user administration processes, and gives your organization the flexibility to act as a federated identity provider at the user’s home site or as a service provider/owner of the target application or both. It also provides users seamless, easy access to applications with a federated single sign-on (SSO) across the underlying domains.

CA Federation delivers cost-effective web-based integration and coordination between cloud providers, outsourcing and your business partners. Federated identity management and secure information sharing allows access among your collaborators and partners to each other’s applications without cumbersome processes getting in the way.

CA Technologies Solutions for Secure Web Business Enablement Demo

CA SiteMinder Federation

CA Federation (formerly CA SiteMinder Federation) Demo

Take Away Documents

Key Features

  • Single sign-on and logout
  • Partnership administration and federation standards support
  • Flexible deployment
  • Identity and service provider support

Key Benefits

  • Secure business collaboration.
  • Improve convenience.
  • Increase security.
  • Reduce costs.

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CA Federation Demo

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