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Service Assurance

Put the customer at the center of every technology decision.

Winning new customers in the application economy means delivering better services, more quickly. That is why CA Technologies offers a customer-centered approach to the monitoring and managing of your enterprise’s services, applications and infrastructure—to help IT prevent sketchy, unreliable service that leads to a bad customer experience. Our unique approach helps IT operations streamline their efforts to focus on delivering business service reliability—for customer experience excellence that drives business success.

Service Assurance solutions from CA Technologies start with unified monitoring and a common, consistent set of data shared across systems, networks, databases and applications. Analytics then transform the data into operational intelligence for insight into service behavior and business impact. With an end-to-end view of exactly how the infrastructure is supporting critical services, IT can quickly pinpoint problems and know what action to take and when. Our approach helps IT focus on making sure every user interaction is successful to deliver exceptional customer experience that drives competitive business advantage.

Service Assurance solutions from CA Technologies are designed to help IT operations:

  • Improve customer experience to drive and protect revenue.
  • Prioritize and manage IT resources and actions based on customer experience and business impact.
  • Optimize infrastructure utilization and efficiency to successfully handle more services.
  • Reduce cost of service delivery while improving quality and minimizing risk.
  • Rationalize and integrate IT management tools across silos.

Are You Delivering a Painful Customer Experience?

Taking a Service Assurance Approach to Measuring IT's Effectiveness

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