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Powering the Apps That Power the World

Mainframe Reframed for the Application Economy

Organizations everywhere are under increasing pressure to innovate, gain competitive advantage and promote business growth by employing new business models and technologies. Moving forward, the most effective organizations will evolve from simply supporting established business processes to continuously driving innovation in the application economy where:

  • Information systems management is highly automated and integrated; IT staff are empowered to perform tasks and access relevant information quickly to accelerate service delivery and problem resolution.
  • Applications are developed to execute mobile-to-mainframe architectures and are managed as a whole, not within silos, allowing greater visibility into operations and performance.
  • Workloads are easily orchestrated to run on the best-suited server–the cloud, distributed, mainframe–enabling improved service quality to the business.
  • Data is transformed into powerful insight that helps to drive opportunity and maximize business proficiency to create true market advantage.

Undeniably Strategic

System z is the most reliable and cost effective platform to provide these capabilities and will retain its place as one of the most critical drivers of the application economy.
CA Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that empower you to optimize efficiency, reduce risks and transform your cross-enterprise IT environment into a dynamic data center. By implementing our best-in-class, mobile-to-mainframe solutions to help simplify and automate your entire IT infrastructure, you can begin to reap real costs savings and improve effectiveness—thereby increasing IT’s ability to drive business value and innovation.

Mainframe: Your Secret Weapon in the Application Economy

Mobile to Mainframe in the Application Economy

Application Quality and Testing Tools

Improve application quality with integrated mainframe testing tools.

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Cloud and Linux on System z Management

Dramatically reduce complexity, cost and risk of managing and securing Cloud and Linux on System z.

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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS

Help ensure optimal performance, efficient database administration, and reliable backup and recovery for DB2 for z/OS.

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Database Management for IMS

Optimize database performance, quickly create and rebuild indexes, increase data availability and conserve CPU resources.

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Mainframe Databases

Achieve superior, cost-effective database performance with increased flexibility and reliability.

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Output Management and Enterprise Report Management

Increase your efficiency managing your enterprise reports and printing with better output management tools.

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Performance and Automation

Improve the performance of your mainframe operating system and automate critical tasks.

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Resource Management for Mainframe

Improve service and profitability with our resource management solutions.

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Security Management for Mainframe

Ensure your mainframe security while also reducing costs.

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Software Change Management

Manage source code more effectively and improve your IT service quality.

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Storage Management for Mainframe

Reduce the time, complexity and effort required to manage and optimize your growing storage environment so you can cut costs and improve your effectiveness.

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Workload Automation

Simplify cross-platform workload scheduling and management to lower costs.

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Mainframe Academy

12 Mar 2014

Mainframe Academy is an accelerated, vendor-agnostic program that arms your IT professionals with core programming skills to manage your mainframe environment.

Mainframe Communities

Join our Mainframe community to connect with your colleagues and industry experts and discuss a wide array of mainframe topics.

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