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CA API Gateway Virtual Appliance

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Certified API gateway for VMware

CA API Gateway is offered in a certified VMware-ready virtual machine format, empowering organizations to rapidly deploy a gateway in development, test, production and cloud environments. Deploying a virtual gateway significantly reduces development, test and implementation costs, while improving architectural flexibility.

For organizations that require visibility, trust and control over cloud-based services, CA API Gateway for VMware can be deployed on many of the industry’s most popular cloud platforms in order to secure, monitor and manage service interactions inside a cloud and between private/public clouds.

Using CA API Gateway for VMware, an organization can measure and track performance in order to ensure providers are complying with service level agreements (SLAs). The virtual appliance deployment of the API Gateway also makes it possible to manage requests to virtualized application services in order to provide load balancing and failover between private and/or public clouds.

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CA API Management Overview

API MGMT Overview

Your New Digital Business and APIs

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Key Features

  • VMware-ready certified gateway for API management and SOA governance
  • Cloud integration and monitoring functionality
  • Government-grade security and threat protection
  • Remote patching and disaster recovery

Key Benefits

  • Secure and govern API-based integrations.
  • Implement cloud governance.
  • Minimize gateway deployment cost and complexity.
  • Maximize value of cloud service providers and avoid vendor lock-in.

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