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Healthcare APIs

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Unlock data to improve healthcare outcomes and patient care.

The ability to connect and share information across siloed stores of data improves how managed care, pharmacy, population health and healthcare providers operate. Planners have better insight into consumer behaviors, pharmacies offer convenient mobile prescription ordering, population health organizations monitor patient health in real time and providers have access to an abundance of information that helps them make better healthcare decisions.

Opening backend IT systems via APIs is the most efficient way to create web-based and mobile applications that provide healthcare resources with convenient access to patient data and mission-critical functionality. But the benefits of exposing healthcare systems and data in this way need to be balanced with the health institution’s requirements for ease of management, patient privacy, data security and regulatory compliance.

The US Federal Government and most European countries heavily regulate the exchange of protected health information (PHI). Healthcare providers need to comply with their local and international standards and must also be able to prove their compliance via reporting and forensics, should a suspected breach occur. Against this backdrop, taking advantage of the opportunities created by the Web, mobile devices and APIs represents a significant challenge.

Improve health with secure data exchange APIs.

Many innovative healthcare organizations have implemented API gateways to resolve these issues. API gateways make it possible to control and audit which information enters and leaves a facility, manage access to apps and data and ensure secure data storage. Managing APIs and API-enabled apps in this way empowers healthcare organizations to deploy new applications while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Examples of real-world healthcare initiatives made possible by API management include:

  • Hospice workers securely carrying patient records with them on mobile devices
  • Home care workers entering vital patient information directly into an app, rather than making hand-written notes that must be transcribed later
  • Doctors gaining authorized access to patient MRI information, from any location

CA API Management is used by many organizations across healthcare sector. CA API Management delivers a wide range of functionality for API programs—enabling healthcare organizations to deliver web-based and mobile solutions that create new efficiencies and deliver better services to patients, while abiding by the strictest regulatory requirements.

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Implement the complete solution for healthcare APIs.

CA API Gateway is the core component of CA API Management, providing all the key API composition, security and management functionality required for a full-featured API management solution. CA Mobile API Gateway provides an advanced gateway option, with a range of cutting-edge, mobile-specific features. CA API Gateways have achieved government-grade security certifications, including FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria.

CA API Gateways make it possible to:

  • Efficiently expose legacy services for reuse as RESTful APIs.
  • Enforce strong API security policies to help meet regulatory requirements.
  • Filter, route and throttle API traffic to maintain backend performance and enforce SLAs.
  • Translate complex services into lightweight formats suitable for mobile users.
  • Add geolocation and QoS functionality to API-based services and applications.

Pre-integrated into all CA API Gateways, the OAuth Toolkit makes it simple to add advanced identity and access management functionality to API-based resources. Additionally, CA API Developer Portal delivers everything required to give developers the technical, educational and collaborative resources they need in order to create solutions that get maximum value from APIs.

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