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Auto and Connected Car APIs

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Improve customer loyalty and partner business.

The connected car has emerged as one of the most powerful early proof points for the Internet of Things (IoT). Increasingly, auto manufacturers are connecting cars to infotainment systems and mobile devices as well as retail, part and insurance partners. This helps the industry to further develop customer relationships after the point of purchase, monetize data through new partner channels and improve operational efficiency. For example, connectivity makes it possible to:

  • Give drivers the ability to remotely start or unlock their vehicles.
  • Provide real-time diagnostic information to prevent minor issues from turning major.
  • Enable customers to buy insurance policies and other services straight from the car.
  • Integrate with auto part suppliers in order to better manage inventory.

APIs represent the connectivity point that makes all this possible. The API externalizes application functionality and data in developer-friendly formats, accelerating the development of apps that connect vehicles, mobile devices and partners. However, exposing backend systems via APIs in the complex context of the connected car ecosystem creates a range of new IT security, performance and development challenges.

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Secure and manage automotive APIs.

In order to realize the full value of APIs and avoid the safety and privacy pitfalls of exposing automotive systems, it is vital to invest in an API management solution that delivers a full range of functionality for API composition, security, identity management, performance optimization and developer engagement.

However, not all API management solutions are applicable to connected car or IoT use cases. The complex connectivity and serious safety requirements of the connected car ecosystem demand the strongest possible security measures. Additionally, the specific protocol and performance requirements associated with connecting lightweight, dedicated devices must be met.

CA API Management provides the components required for enterprise-level, IoT-ready API management. CA Mobile API Gateway simplifies all key API security and management processes and additionally delivers advanced functionality for connected devices. Furthermore, CA API Developer Portal facilitates effective developer onboarding and enablement.

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Outfit the connected car with advanced API management.

CA API Mobile API Gateway empowers automotive companies to:

  • Efficiently open legacy backend applications and databases for reuse as RESTful APIs, which can be exposed to internal and third-party developers in order to speed the creation of new in-car and mobile apps.
  • Enforce enterprise-grade API security policies to protect exposed backend systems as well as the safety and privacy of drivers.
  • Filter, route and throttle API traffic to maintain backend performance and enforce SLAs.
  • Translate complex systems into lightweight formats suitable for in-car devices.

CA Mobile API Gateway comes with a pre-integrated OAuth Toolkit and a Mobile SDK, which make it simple for developers to add strong but user-friendly identity and access controls to apps built against enterprise APIs. End users can even login using existing identities from popular social networks like Facebook.

CA API Developer Portal, meanwhile, delivers everything required to give developers the technical, educational and collaborative resources they need in order to create solutions that get maximum value from APIs. The portal also makes it possible to manage separate API and developer lifecycles so that existing apps do not break when API updates are launched.

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CA Mobile API Gateway

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CA Mobile API Gateway

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CA API Developer Portal

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CA API Gateway OAuth Toolkit

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