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API Documentation and Discovery

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Realize the value of APIs and developers.

Publishing APIs enables enterprises to open their technology investments and information assets for reuse in new Web and mobile applications. By using APIs to expose backend resources to internal and—increasingly—external developers, organizations can be quick-to-market with client apps that create new revenue streams and add value to existing offerings.

APIs make the process of creating new apps quicker and more economical because they allow developers to leverage existing application functionality and data. Additionally, they enable enterprises to leverage a growing community of external developers who build their own apps against open APIs, for fun or profit.

For organizations to get value from third-party developers, they need ways to help these devs discover the existence and value of their APIs. And whether an API is exposed openly or just internally, it is vital to provide up-to-date introductory API documentation and other resources that help developers to understand, see the value of and start using the interface.

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Attract and educate developers.

An enterprise that wants to attract developers for its API initiative will typically build a community centered on a dedicated website. In open API use cases, this “developer portal” must be SEO-friendly and appropriately branded to attract third-party developers. Once developers arrive, the portal must make it simple for them to understand the benefits of building applications against the APIs, as well as how to work with these APIs.

Most API management vendors offer solutions that simplify developer portal implementation. But attracting and retaining devs requires key tools and resources—from interactive documentation to forums to code samples—all of which must be accessible from a customizable, user-friendly UI. And only the most full-featured solutions include functionality that simplifies the process of maintaining up-to-date, developer-friendly documentation.

CA API Developer Portal is a key component of CA API Management, recognized by Forrester Research as one of the leading API management solutions. API Developer Portal includes an industry-standard range of API documentation and discovery functionality to educate developers, including the ability to dynamically generate versioned documentation.

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Leverage industry-leading API documentation and discovery features.

CA API Developer Portal includes a complete content management system (CMS) that makes it simple to create an SEO-friendly portal that maintains the look and feel associated with your brand. The CMS includes functionality for modified CSS, HTML code insertion, dynamic JavaScript™-based content and custom menus.

With API Developer Portal, organizations can offer an API Explorer, which helps developers discover APIs that are relevant to their needs and interests. Also, CA API Developer Portal makes it possible to automatically generate versioned, interactive documentation in order to help developers quickly understand how to use these APIs.

Additionally, the Developer Portal empowers API publishers to deploy a range of interactive development and educational tools that help developers speed the creation of powerful client applications. These tools can include a detailed API catalog, sample applications, mobile device SDKs and dynamic code generation.

On top of all this, API publishers can offer a range of portal features that foster community and communication between developers, enabling newcomers to quickly gain knowledge from more experienced users. Specifically, the API Developer Portal includes functionality for building online forums and offering in-portal messaging.

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CA API Developer Portal

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CA API Developer Portal

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