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Big Data Analytics

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Get deep insight with big data.

The amount of data collected by enterprises continues to grow at an incredible rate, with organizations across all sectors gathering terabytes of data from ecommerce, social media, smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Increasingly, these organizations are becoming aware of the mission-critical insight that could be hiding in these big data collections.

Exposure and analysis of big data make it possible to identify previously-hidden correlations and quickly turn static data into a commercial asset. Providing selective programmatic access to certain portions of big data stores enables organizations across the public and private sectors to maintain control while still gaining insight into customer behavior/preferences, business trends, systems performance and much more.

By definition, big data is difficult to process using conventional applications. It requires aggregating huge amounts of disparate data from a variety of sources, analyzing this information to gain insight and presenting this insight according to the needs of various individuals and organizations. All this must be achieved while maintaining the original data sources’ security.

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Apply API management to big data analysis.

Big data platforms have done a great deal to make big data analysis possible. But there remains a need for technology to be able to coordinate a range of integration points, query formats, governance policies and access systems for processed and unprocessed data. Likewise, enterprises need ways to present a specific scope of analyzed data, as required by a specific context.

APIs can prove invaluable for creating filtered interfaces between data sources, big data analytics and end users. However, for these interfaces to be secure and efficient, a cutting-edge API management solution must be deployed, with a full range of industry-standard API composition, interface orchestration, data security and protocol translation functionality.

CA API Management has been recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as one of the industry’s leading API management solutions. CA API Developer Portal can be used to create, secure and manage interfaces for big data APIs in a range of enterprise use cases. CA API Developer Portal makes it simple and safe to create a “data lens” into big data stores.

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Ensure agile and secure big data API functionality.

Combining CA API Developer Portal with CA API Gateway provides critical features for:

  • API-based integration with big data systems and backend sources
  • API and data security
  • Data discovery, data scoping and automated API endpoint composition
  • Data cleansing, aggregation, filtering, translation and encryption
  • Service level agreement (SLA) enforcement and caching
  • Access management, authentication and authorization
  • API usage analytics and metering

These features make it possible for enterprises to:

  • Access enterprise data securely from a wide range of sources including big data platforms as well as enterprise databases, applications and in-memory caches.
  • Configure the scope of data exposed by automatically-generated RESTful API entry points.
  • Control access and quality of service by attaching authentication/authorization policies and SLAs to these entry points.
  • Monetize data by metering use of these API entry points.

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