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Cloud Integration

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Steer safely into the clouds.

To maximize efficiency and scalability, many enterprises are moving essential technology systems off premises and into the cloud. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers like Amazon Web Services are increasingly essential to creating architectures that can meet the IT needs of today’s open enterprise.

Cloud computing helps enterprises increase efficiency and conserve resources in several ways:

  • By making it quick and easy to scale computing power up (and down) as needed
  • By maximizing data storage capacity without requiring additional on-premises hardware
  • By providing easy, portable access to mission-critical applications, via the Web

Moving essential applications and infrastructure beyond the enterprise firewall poses some obvious security challenges. It also creates the need to establish real-time integrations between systems in the cloud and those that remain on premises, ensuring that the entire architecture continues to function as a seamless whole.

Deploy secure cloud APIs.

To ease the necessary integration of on-premises systems with cloud applications and services, many organizations expose their backend resources as APIs. While this approach addresses many of the difficulties inherent in enterprise/cloud integration, it also amplifies the security and performances challenges inherent in moving some critical systems to the cloud.

API gateways can be deployed at the edge of the enterprise’s architecture to address these challenges. A gateway-based approached allows the enterprise to control how it consumes SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure, addressing security and connectivity issues associated with integration of on-premises systems with both public and private clouds.

CA API Gateway delivers cloud connector functionality that tackles both the integration and the security challenges of enterprise-level cloud projects. API Gateway technology simplifies the process of composing, securing and managing cloud APIs. Crucially, it also enables single sign-on (SSO) across enterprise applications located on premises and in the cloud.

Secure cloud connectors for the enterprise.

CA API Gateway provides advanced functionality for:

  • Composing APIs that streamline integration of on-premises systems like SAP with cloud applications and services
  • Orchestrating composite APIs that draw on data and functionality from multiple services across enterprise datacenters and the cloud
  • Protecting enterprise systems hosted in the cloud against attack and misuse
  • Optimizing data traffic to and from the cloud
  • Enabling secure identity federation and SSO to cloud services

The API Gateway comes pre-loaded with an OAuth Toolkit, which delivers advanced identity and access management (IAM) features ideal for cloud SSO. Using OAuth and other key industry standards, enterprises can federate login credentials and other identity data to cloud services, so that users must only log in once to access services, no matter where those services are hosted.

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