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Discover solution integrations to maximize the value of your CA investments.

Technology Partners

CA Technologies collaborates with a range of infrastructure and application technology partners—from the world’s leading IT companies to innovators with expertise and market presence in areas strategic to CA Technologies. Together we deliver value through a broad spectrum of IT management solutions and ensure comprehensive support for leading platforms.

CA Technologies enables partner development of value-added integrations through our TechPartner Programs including:

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CA TechPartner Program

CA Technologies fosters an extensive ecosystem of third-party companies to ensure deep support for leading platforms and provide rich solutions across a broad spectrum of IT management disciplines.

Technology partnerships are critical to the ability of CA Technologies to deliver world-class solutions to customers. To help meet these needs, CA Technologies enables partners to develop custom complements like integrations for our solutions through the CA TechPartner Program.

The CA TechPartner Program offers three levels of membership to support and enable software and hardware vendors that want to develop integrated solutions with CA Technologies. The membership levels provide flexibility for technology partners to join the program based on the level of commitment right for them as agreed upon by both companies.

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CA Global Technology Partners

CA Technologies partners with global leaders in infrastructure and application technologies. These are partners with market-leading expertise and presence in multiple disciplines with focus areas strategic to CA Technologies. Together we deliver cutting-edge solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

We engage across multiple disciplines including engineering, sales, marketing and support to deliver solutions that help customers increase productivity while reducing cost and risk by harnessing the power of their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

OEM agreements can be white label or co-branded, as required, to best address the goals of the partner.

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CA SaaS Solution Program

The CA Security SaaS Validation Program helps SaaS vendors increase sales and adoption by simplifying and validating their single sign-on (SSO) interoperability. It enables customers to quickly integrate SaaS solutions into CA Single Sign-On environments in a user friendly and cost effective way.

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