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CA XCOM Data Transport®

(formerly Unicenter® CA-XCOM™ Data Transport® )

Transfer your most critical data with confidence.

CA XCOM Data Transport is a flexible data transfer solution designed to quickly and securely move business-critical data across a wide variety of heterogeneous platforms. It comes equipped with sophisticated compression and record-packing capabilities to help extend system resources, improve bandwidth and enhance enterprise efficiency.

With its reliable delivery and automated transmission recovery features, CA XCOM Data Transport helps you maintain data integrity throughout the processing environment. It can meet your enterprise security standards with robust data encryption features and provides auditing capabilities to ensure that your team remains informed and ready to respond to potential issues.

CA XCOM Data Transport was utilized at a large retail chain that performs over 800,000 file transfers per week and received the following results:

  • 30 to 40 percent performance improvements on z/OS® file transfers
  • Significant reductions in CPU usage, cost savings and delayed hardware upgrade

Key Features

  • Reliable, cost-effective data transfer with multi-platform support
  • Centralized management
  • Ability to transfer data with your own clients who do not have CA XCOM installed
  • Trusted Transfer for a secure transfer that does not include the ID and password
  • HealthChecker for proactive information gathering

Key Benefits

  • Optimizes data transfer and provides value-added capabilities
  • Enhances safety and security of user data
  • Improves reporting, analysis, troubleshooting and auditing
  • Controls execution of transfers from designated points of command
  • Provides access to historical activity, on premise or from a centralized location
  • Integrates within an enterprise-wide process flow

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CA XCOM™ Data Transport®
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CA XCOM™ Data Transport® for Windows Server/Professional Bookshelf
Technical Documents
CA XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS Product Documentation

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