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CA Network Flow Analysis

(formerly CA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer)

Optimize application performance with 100% visibility into network traffic flow.

CA Network Flow Analysis is a network traffic monitoring solution that can help you optimize your network infrastructure for better application performance. With enhanced visibility into your network’s applications, hosts, conversations and QoS information, you can proactively manage your network to reduce outages, solve problems faster and ensure efficient and cost-effective operations. CA Network Flow Analysis can help you align resources to support business results, gain credibility and support with data-driven decisions and stop being the default target for blame.

CA Network Flow Analysis is recognized as the industry standard for flow-based network traffic analysis in Global 4000 enterprises and large service providers. It integrates with CA Performance Center, CA Application Delivery Analysis, CA Unified Communications Monitor and many CA Technologies third-party or custom IT management tools. And it’s a key component within the CA Technologies Application-Driven Network Performance Management (ANPM) solution.

CA Network Flow Analysis can answer the following questions to help you get the most out of your organization’s application performance:

  • Which applications and hosts are consuming the most bandwidth?
  • Are critical applications prioritized over less important network traffic?
  • Can your network handle the increasing voice and video traffic?
  • How much link capacity do you need in the future?

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Key Features

  • Data center-based network traffic collection for more cost-effective deployment, upgrade and maintenance
  • QoS policy validation, network capacity trending and analysis to proactively plan and manage network performance
  • Cisco IVT certified for enhanced application-level insights that provides rich accounting, classification and reporting of application running on your network
  • Patented anomaly detection utilizes a self-learning profile of your network for accurate detection and alerts
  • Proven performance in large and complex environments
  • Drill-down to detailed data with flow-forensics

Key Benefits

  • Faster problem resolution
  • Better application performance
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Greater alignment of IT resources to business results

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