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CA Mediation Manager

(formerly Torokina Integration Module)

Manage your non-IP and non-SNMP infrastructure.

CA Mediation Manager provides a flexible and scalable solution to manage CA Infrastructure Management technologies, including CA eHealth® and CA Spectrum®. It’s designed to increase availability and support proactive performance management across the entire service infrastructure, including non-IP and non-SNMP devices.

CA Mediation Manager is a robust performance solution that spans the IP/MPLS network and the packet core, mobile transport, backhaul and radio access domains. It can provide new insight into the services that drive revenue while helping to maximize capital and operating investments.

CA Mediation Manager is a holistic service delivery solution that can help you:

  • Improve mobile voice and data service network customer satisfaction.
  • Increase ROI.

Key Features

  • Integrates availability and performance management of your service infrastructure
  • Incorporates non-IP and non-SNMP devices into your management solution
  • Integrates multiple subtending element management systems (EMSs)
  • Provides analysis into the health and performance of critical transport and edge delivery components
  • Supports enterprises, service providers and government agencies

Key Benefits

  • Increases IT efficiency
  • Maximizes capital and ROI
  • Simplifies management
  • Reduces risk

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11 Apr 2012
Monitoring end-to-end Service Performance Across Diverse Information Infrastructures
For many, a key challenge lies in the sophisticated nature of their technology infrastructures and an inability to extract all the data required to make informed decisions.

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