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Web-enabled, high performance mainframe relational database management system.

Achieve superior, cost-effective database performance with maximum flexibility using CA's proven, Web-enabled, high-performance mainframe relational database management system. CA IDMS provides unparalleled business value for over a thousand organizations around the world.

Key Features

  • Reliable, modernized, cost-effective DBMS platform
  • Cost-effective performance and throughput
  • Modernization flexibility

Key Benefits

Very large database support. CA IDMS/DB 18.5 introduces new database options for increased database capacity.

Improved performance monitoring. CA IDMS™ Performance Monitor 18.5 monitors multiple CA IDMS systems to improve problem diagnosis and tuning.

Increased high availability. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) usage expands high availability during seasonal time changes.

Expanded access to CA IDMS™ SQL and ODBC/JDBC technology. SQL Web Connect gives all CA IDMS/DB customers access to CA IDMS modernization and access capabilities.

CA Chorus™ Software Manager enhancements. CA IDMS 18.5 works with CA Chorus Software Manager 5.1 to improve performance and allow selection of multiple dictionaries when configuring a new CA IDMS system.

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