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CA Datacom®

Enable the continuous availability of your business applications.

You need a reliable database repository with enterprise-wide, high-volume workload and fault-tolerant capabilities. CA Datacom®, and its family of rDBMS products, provides you with that repository.

Key Features

  • 24 x7 Availability
  • Highly scalable
  • Seamless support for modern and traditional workloads
  • Built-in toolset
  • Minimal resource requirements to manage

Key Benefits

The CA Datacom/DB RDBMS is highly scalable to manage extremely high-volume workloads with extremely efficient processing. The database engine takes advantage of new hardware technologies with improved memory optimization techniques at each new release. The ability to scale to handle additional workloads has allowed some customers to delay or cancel plans for hardware upgrades.

The CA Datacom/DB RDBMS is flexible in supporting both traditional (navigational) and modern (SQL based) workloads with the same set of data tables. 

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