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CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management

Deliver the quality of service your end user expects and your business demands by linking your distributed and mainframe support teams.

As hybrid IT environments get more complex, the managing of mainframe subsystems becomes  more essential. CA Cross-Enterprise APM provides 24/7 monitoring of business transactions for complex application environments by monitoring the real-time performance of mainframe subsystems and providing CA Application Performance Management with this data on a single pane of glass.

Cross-Enterprise APM

More Mainframe, More Results

Key Features

  • Modified and enhanced existing APM dashboards
  • Support of HTTP
  • Customer-defined z/OS alert metrics
  • Customer-defined z/OS degradation delay analysis metrics
  • Customer-defined CICS alert metrics 

Key Benefits

Improve visibility into end-user transactions.

Increase collaboration across distributed and mainframe silos.

Gain a transactional view of business services.

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