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CA Capacity Management

Get quick and accurate capacity planning to right-size resilient business architectures.

CA Capacity Management is architected to enable organizations to plan and execute strategic IT initiatives with confidence—providing quick and accurate capacity insight into your business infrastructures while managing infrastructure headroom capable of meeting future business needs.

This capacity management solution also provides easy-to-use and build capacity forecasting reports and dashboards that streamline the optimization planning process, helping you conserve IT human resources as well as your data center resources.

CA Capacity Management utilizes existing performance data in order to accurately provide automated optimization recommendations and utilization predictions that balance workloads across your data center. This enables you to right-size your IT environment and guarantee successful business outcomes with confidence across high-volume physical, virtual and cloud environments—helping to reduce capital and operating expenditures associated with hardware, software, power and cooling.

CA Capacity Management can help you manage constant IT change with self service analytics enabling you to easily predict the impact of workload increases, architectural changes and new application deployments. This capacity planning solution provides advanced scalability and end-to-end, cross-enterprise support to create an accurate picture of your infrastructure resiliency. CA Capacity Management also suggests optimized infrastructure configuration changes in response to increased demands in workload. It also empowers IT to confidently provide capacity planning predictions and requirements in order to ensure that business goals are met and managed cost effectively in near real time.

This comprehensive capacity management tool is designed to help you mitigate risks and improve business agility as well as:

  • Confidently provide accurate capacity planning recommendations.
  • Ensure business and application requirements are met and managed.
  • Identify and assess opportunities for consolidation/virtualization.
  • Reduce capital expenditures and operating expenditures.
  • Predict the effect of change in your environment.
  • Make better informed business decisions.
  • Help you modernize and optimize your asset utilization and to help cut your data center costs.

CA Capacity Management in 1 Minute

End-to-End Capacity Planning

Key Features

  • Utilize advanced end-to-end capacity management analysis.
  • Identify server consolidation candidates.
  • Understand how re-hosting, consolidation and workload stacking affect application performance.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce capital expenses for new physical servers and facilities.
  • Reduce operational expenses associated with VM license fees, power, leased space, maintenance and labor.
  • Identify opportunities for consolidation or virtualization in order to maximize ROI and IT asset utilization.

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