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CA Application Performance Management

Delight users, differentiate your business and protect your experts.

Agile development, DevOps, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker and PHP are adding a new layer of complexity to an already complex application environment. When application issues arise, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the source and, too often, you find yourself in lengthy war rooms or assigning experts to triage every issue. As a result, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and innovation are negatively impacted. The old approach to application performance management just isn’t working. A new approach is needed.

CA undertook an extensive ethnographic research project where the typical day in the life and workflow of 80 individuals across 17 organizations in 18 cities were studied. The result is delivered in CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) 10—a solution that is easy to use, proactive, intelligent and collaborative. CA APM 10 is driven by new innovative ways to triage application issues with its patent pending:

  • Team Center Perspectives create task-relevant views based on attributes important to a specific role or immediate task such as location, business unit or application component.
  • Team Center Timeline visually depicts changes in app environments so teams can quickly identify when and where changes occurred along with the resulting service impact so DevOps teams receive recommended fixes in real time.
  • Differential Analysis helps you quickly recognize problems as they develop and intuitively understand the most critical and recurrent problems across your application landscape—with no configuration required.

APM: Monitoring and Managing App Performance Made Easy

Numbers to Know

77% of customers to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), with 2/3 seeing over 40% reduction in MTTR

On average, CA APM customers collect 43 million metrics per day

66% of customers saw improved end user experience

Key Features

  • Team Center simplifies and speeds the triage process, providing a streamlined, productive environment that includes perspectives and an integrated timeline.
  • Differential Analysis helps you quickly recognize problems as they develop and intuitively understand the most critical and recurrent problems.
  • Mobile-to-mainframe APM gives you 20/20 insight into the complexity of your app, from the mobile app, into the middleware/infrastructure components, to the backend database or mainframe.
  • APM Command Center provides simple management of thousands of agents at enterprise-class scale.
  • Smart Instrumentation automatically collects deep transaction traces when a problem occurs so users don’t have to recreate the issue.
  • Modern application supports Java™, .Net, PHP, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, microservices and more.

Key Benefits

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