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CA Application Delivery Analysis

(formerly CA NetQoS SuperAgent)

Improve end user experience with end-to-end application response time monitoring.

CA Application Delivery Analysis provides end-to-end application response time monitoring, helping you manage application performance and solve problems faster. CA Application Delivery Analysis can also help you prove how well your network delivers applications to users with application delivery analysis of performance and availability of SLA measurements. It helps you focus investments on the areas that require it most and later quantify the before and after, validate the impact of those changes and verify your investment decisions.

And if problems do arise, this application performance management (APM) solution helps eliminate finger-pointing and automates troubleshooting with application infrastructure management. With CA Application Delivery Analysis, you can better understand when problems start, the duration and severity, as well as how many users were affected. CA Application Delivery Analysis combines application infrastructure management and application response time monitoring to help your organization:

  • Ensure an optimal user experience through an understanding of how network behavior impacts application performance.
  • Make more-informed investment decisions.

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Key Features

  • Advanced troubleshooting analytics
  • Unified end-user experience monitoring
  • Complete view of end-to-end transaction performance

Key Benefits

  • Troubleshoot faster with deep transaction visibility and multivariate analytics.
  • Boost IT productivity by avoiding time consuming and costly approaches to finding root cause.
  • Get control of the end-user experience by understanding how the entire application delivery chain affects service quality.

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