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CA App Synthetic Monitor

(formerly CA Application Performance Management Cloud Monitor)

“Cover Your Apps” in less than 3 minutes with synthetic transaction monitoring.

CA App Synthetic Monitor is a robust synthetic transaction monitoring solution that provides end-to-end transaction response-time visibility into cloud, mobile and Web applications. Designed to replicate every step of the end-user experience, this robust cloud synthetic monitoring solution provides up-to-the-minute insights into the health and availability of any application.

For apps that don’t require full application performance management (APM), or to supplement an on-premises APM solution, this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution offers a proactive way to identify issues and resolve them before they affect users. It can help you optimize your organization’s investments by applying the right level of synthetic monitoring to help you consistently deliver high service levels and an exceptional end-user experience.

This flexible, easy-to-use solution delivers complete local and geo-centric coverage to enable you to:

  • Replicate real-user transactions from 90+ monitoring stations in over six continents, 48 countries, 93+ cities and 15 different time zones to provide timely insights.
  • Monitor key application program interfaces (API) and Web services, including third-party services, to proactively resolve issues and meet SLAs.
  • Begin monitoring quickly and efficiently with self-service SaaS features.
  • Integrate synthetic transaction monitoring into your on-premises APM solution.

Key Features

  • Easy SaaS Deployment
  • Cloud Services and API Monitoring
  • Public status pages
  • Always-on synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Real Browser Monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Achieve rapid time-to-value.
  • Maximize Web application performance and uptime.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
  • Simplify application rollouts.
  • Understand performance even when there are no users on the system.

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8 Jul 2015
CA Application Performance Management
CA Application Performance Management helps you drive app user-loyalty and make every user transaction becomes a loyalty-building interaction.

Worldwide Monitoring Stations

With CA App Synthetic Monitor, your servers and services are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our monitoring stations around the globe. Monitoring stations are selected to perform the monitoring according to the sequence you select. If an error is encountered, another monitoring station is selected to provide a second opinion. If both indicate that an error occurred, the event is logged and alerts are sent according to your settings.

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