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CA 1® Tape Management

(formerly BrightStor® CA-1® Tape Management )

Manage and protect your z/OS tape assets.

CA 1 Tape Management (CA 1) is designed to simplify and unify the management and protection of z/OS® tape data sets and volumes. It automates day-to-day z/OS® tape management tasks to save your organization time and money. It enables a higher level of integrity for tape data while providing comprehensive protection against the inadvertent destruction of tape files.

CA 1 helps you maintain data integrity, providing tools to continually check your data and prevent overwriting. To give you greater control, a Web-based Graphical Management Interface streams detailed tape volume information and provides a common platform for more efficient management practices.

Deploy CA 1 to:

  • Secure and protect large amounts of tape files generated across dispersed environments.
  • Automate complex and time-consuming manual tape management tasks.

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Key Features

  • Automated tape lifecycle management
  • Tape map utility
  • Automated tape copy utility

Key Benefits

  • Automates day-to-day tape management while providing comprehensive protection against the inadvertent destruction of tape files
  • Integrates with other enterprise management functions, including security, restart/rerun, automated operations and output management

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CA 1® Tape Management
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