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Read the eBook “Why Strong Authentication Is a Must for All Users” to see the five keys to risk-appropriate authentication.


Mitigate threats + Stimulate growth.

With Advanced Authentication solutions from CA Technologies.

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Savvy Portfolio Decisions

Enable and Protect Your Business

Get nonstop protection for your sensitive information and services. Our solution ensures your approved users have a seamless, hassle-free experience that builds trust and brand loyalty.

How Do I Increase Trust and Security with My Online Customers?

CA Advanced Authentication provides risk-based evaluation and multi-factor credentials to improve security by preventing potential online identity fraud.

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Our advanced authentication solution helps you:

Protect against threats.

Catastrophic cyber attacks are happening every day. Make sure you’re prepared to defend your business.

Deliver a frictionless experience.

Earn customer trust and loyalty by providing a simple, seamless experience.

Use an analytical approach.

With the right data, you can more easily distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior.

Powerful authentication that protects users.
Avoid unauthorized access—and fraud—with a powerful combination of multi-factor credentials and risk evaluation.

Outsmart Hackers with Both Strong and Risk-Based Authentication

See how you can provide anywhere, anytime access for employees, customers and partners—while defending against identity theft, data breaches and fraud.

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CA Advanced Authentication

Get a flexible, scalable solution with both strong multi-factor authentication and risk-based methods like device identification, geo-location and user activity.