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Unite System z and Cloud to Increase Efficiency in the Dynamic Data Center

A well-managed Dynamic Data Center integrates and expands across physical and virtual environments and into the cloud. With an increasing number of mission-critical applications moving to the cloud, System z plays a key role in hybrid cloud infrastructures by providing unparalleled levels of security, performance and availability. CA Technologies enables you to innovate across System z and cloud to provide an optimum balance of speed, efficiency, cost and risk.

  • Reduce costs of storing and managing z/OS data while accessing storage capacity on demand with CA Cloud Storage for System z.
  • Simplify the process of deploying and scaling cloud services on System z and efficiently manage the entire application lifecycle with CA AppLogic® for System z.
  • Realize faster cycle times and cost efficiencies in the Dynamic Data Center through Cloud-based development and testing for System z with CA Service Virtualization.