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Read the eBook “The Chief Digital Officer’s Guide to Digital Transformation” to see why APIs are the new driving force in business.


APIs: The Building
Blocks of Digital

Leading businesses put APIs at
the core of their digital strategy.

Digital Transformation and APIs

Transform your business with APIs

Want to grow your business at scale? Go digital. Need to deliver a customer experience your competitors can’t touch? That’s digital too. And at the core of any successful digital strategy are APIs—giving you the ability to launch new apps faster, create stronger partner ecosystems and connect customers to your brand through mobile and IoT. So how can you successfully build and manage your APIs? We have a good idea.


Mastering Digital with API Management

Being good at APIs means two things. First, strategically aligning them to meet your business goals. And second, giving your teams the technical capability to rapidly build, manage and secure them at scale. CA API Management has you covered both ways. You get analyst-acclaimed technology that turns your digital initiatives into competitive advantages—fast. Together with a team of CA experts who can help you integrate and apply that technology—now.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with CA API Management

Learn how to harness the power of APIs to execute ideas quickly and create new digital business opportunities.

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Read the eBook “API Strategy and Architecture: A Coordinated Approach” to see how to design and build APIs to achieve your business goals.

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CA API Management helps you:


Bring together the data you need to power next-generation cloud, mobile and IoT applications with broad integration capabilities.


Build API-based ecosystems to extend the brand, develop new digital products and services or create new revenue channels by monetizing data.


Empower developers with tools to streamline the development process, improve productivity and reduce time-to-market.


Provide a secure platform for integrating across apps, devices and businesses.

The Advisory Board Company

Read this customer story to see how The Advisory Board Company is helping healthcare professionals by unlocking the value of healthcare data with CA API Management.

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Read the Forrester report “Sizing the Market for API Management Solutions” to see why nearly 40% of U.S enterprises will adopt API management solutions by 2020.

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CA API Management

Only CA API Management enables organizations to create APIs and integrate systems, accelerate app development and unlock the value of data with the level of API security and protection that enterprises need today.

With CA API Management you can quickly create secure APIs from modern and legacy data sources, publish and manage access to those APIs with portal for developers and provide a developer toolkit of SDKs and APIs to speed up the development process. You’ll be able to build API-based ecosystems to extend your brand, develop new digital products and services or create new revenue channels faster than ever before.

“CA API Management has improved our development velocity for creating mobile applications and data integration.”

John Lightfoot

Chief Technology Officer

Patient Engagement Advisors

Techvalidate: 09E-12B-834

Read the Forrester study “The Total Economic Impact™ of CA Technologies CA API Management” to see how the solution can help your business thrive.

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