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Digital Transformation is the worst kept secret in IT. Your customers are forcing it more and more every day. Find out the key to getting ahead of it through more proactive IT operations, and ensure your customers keep coming back.


Put DevOps to work with

Agile Operations

Enhance user experience by leveraging real-time insights from your entire application and infrastructure to drive improvements.

Agile Operations

Agile Operations

In the application economy, constant application updates are table stakes. To gain a competitive advantage, you must deliver the very best user experience by ensuring those improvements are based on real user feedback and application and infrastructure performance—from mobile to mainframe, on-premise or in the cloud. End-to-end monitoring solutions from CA can give your enterprise the holistic monitoring and in-depth management capabilities it needs to turn this feedback into valuable functions and reduce mean-time-to-recover.

Agile Operations solutions from CA enable:

Up to 77 percent faster mean-time-to-recover, reducing issues and downtime that hurt customer loyalty and revenue.

Up to 85 percent reduction in transaction response time, giving your users a better, faster experience.

Up to 60 percent increase in productivity, so your team can focus on adding value to the business.

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database

CA solutions can help you:

Eliminate siloed monitoring environments.

Many IT teams still use disparate monitoring tools for their various technologies. You need to consolidate your tools into a single, unified management solution to manage more effectively.

Make wasteful workflows more efficient.

Disparate monitoring tools lead to complex and expensive workflows as IT teams scramble to identify, triage and solve problems as they arise amid chaos, fire drills, finger- pointing and infighting.

Act on holistic information.

Traditionally, IT teams looked only at availability metrics to evaluate performance. In reality, you need to monitor the many factors that affect the user experience—not just availability.

National Australia Bank leveraged Agile Operations solutions from CA Technologies

See how National Australia Bank leveraged Agile Operations solutions from CA Technologies to improve transaction
performance by 85 percent.

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Gain Visibility and control with CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management
(formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor)

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) gives you end-to-end visibility into your entire IT infrastructure by bringing the monitoring and management of the whole environment—including physical and virtual servers, networks, databases, storage, private and public clouds and end-user response times—into one unified architecture.

CA Application Performance Management

CA Application Performance Management provides real-time insights into application behavior. The solution manages billions of transactions from any device and automatically correlates multiple metrics to help you sort through the data and act decisively to protect the customer experience.

CA App Experience Analytics

CA App Experience Analytics combines app performance management, developer analytics, and usage analytics into one complete package, so you gain deep visibility from mobile to mainframe. Identify and fix problems before they impact users. Monitor application health with real-time crash alerts. Slice and dice data and discover the key insights that keep users coming.

“We also use [CA Unified Infrastructure Management] for managing our servers, our network—really the critical systems that operate this building on a daily basis.”

William Dougherty

Chief Technology Officer


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