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Read the white paper “Modern, High Velocity Application Delivery” to learn how to continuously release high-quality applications, get to market faster and gain a competitive advantage.


Put DevOps to work with

Agile Parallel Development

Develop higher-quality applications and get to market faster to drive competitive advantage.

Agile Parallel Development

In the application economy, speed is critical—because delivering high-quality applications to market faster can translate to a real competitive advantage. For this reason, DevOps teams must adopt a more agile development process, working in parallel instead of waiting on other teams to finish their components or for resources to become available. It’s why CA offers solutions that help your development teams virtualize the services they need, letting them work more independently, get to market faster and meet customer demand for new and better services.

Agile Parallel Development solutions from CA Technologies enable:

Up to 90 percent more defects detected at least one step earlier in the software development lifecycle—when they’re easier and less costly to fix.

Up to 50 percent reduction in the typical application development schedule, speeding time to market for high-quality applications.

Source: Based on actual Customers that have renewed with CA as of a 2014 review of CA Customer database

Agile Parallel Development can help you:

Work around constrained resources.

When services are unavailable, development teams face expensive, time-consuming bottlenecks.

Accurately simulate services.

Downstream systems and mockups may not reflect the conditions of the production environment, potentially leading to inaccurate testing.

Lower costs and raise quality.

When development teams wait on each other, errors can go undiscovered until late in the development cycle, where they’re more expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Direct TV Improves Time to Market with CA Agile Parallel Development Solutions

See how DirecTV leverages Agile Parallel Development solutions from CA to improve agility, accelerate time-to-market and drive business value.

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Accelerate Application Delivery with CA Agile Parallel Development

Take this assessment to learn where you are strong in DevOps and the areas you can improve, along with actionable guidance to get you there.

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CA Service Virtualization
(formerly CA LISA® Service Virtualization)

CA Service Virtualization can help your organization accelerate time-to-market of higher-quality, more resilient applications that are easier to deploy and manage by simulating the behavior, performance and data of dependent systems, allowing teams to develop in parallel.

“We’re an army of three or four people using [CA Service Virtualization]. And we’ve already realized $300,000 in savings on environments, $160,000 in soft labor.”

Adam Mills

Sr. Manager, Software Engineering


In a live demonstration, see how CA Service Virtualization simulates constrained or unavailable systems across the SDLC, allowing developers, engineers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and higher application quality and reliability.

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