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Dashboard Examples

Sample "Executive View" containing monitoring content, a 3rd party news widget and custom business data.
Sample "Operations View" containing IT/business service health and SLA performance.
Simple dashboard that displays the overall status of each business service, customer or application.
The Unified Service Manager interface provides easy navigation into monitoring content.
Simple dashboard that displays the individual status of each device.
Device dashboards include asset information and performance history.
Individual device alarm view.
Comprehensive Vblock dashboard that displays the performance of each key component.
Comprehensive storage/systems dashboard.
VMware Virtual Machine performance/health dashboard.
Comprehensive VMWare vSphere performance/health dashboard.
Microsoft SQL Server performance/health dashboard.
Network flow analysis dashboards display network utilization statistics.
RCA & Topology Manager automatically creates a dynamic topological map of your network.
Sample status dashboard indicating the health of managed customer environments.
Example application health dashboard, customizable for your environment.
Performance/health dashboard for a classic 3-tiered web application.
A simple, powerful dashboard indicating application health from the end user perspective.
A Visio diagram was used as the background for this application dashboard.
A Visio diagram was used as the background for this network focused dashboard.
A simple yet powerful operational dashboard example.
A Cisco UCS performance/health dashboard.
A geography focused dashboard. Impacted regions will change color as performance degrades.
A high level availability dashboard designed to show the current state of various devices/technologies

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Report Examples

Customizable SLA reports display performance achieved against desired IT goals.
SLA reports support “drill down” into further technical detail.
At the detail level, SLA reports show real performance in tabular and graphical formats.

Reporting Examples

Example performance report: Top Processes by CPU
Example performance report: Top Processes by Memory Usage
Example performance report: Cisco Top 10 by Memory Free (MB)
Example performance report: Cisco Top 10 by % Memory
Example performance report: Top 10 MSSQL Server Transactions/sec
Example performance report: Vmware Top 20 Guests by CPU Usage
Example custom report: Device Availability Report
Example custom report: Disk Capacity Report
Example custom report: Application Performance Report (based on synthetic transactions)
Example custom report: Server Monitor (overall server performance snapshot)
Example custom report: Server Capacity Metrics
Example custom report: Server Health Report (MSP focused – by customer)
Example custom report: Vmware Guest Summary
Example custom report: SLA Compliance Report