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CA IT Asset Manager

Get the most value from your IT asset investments.

When you fulfill a request for an asset, do you know that you're provisioning it in the most cost effective way? Do you have confidence and complete control over your software licenses in the event of an audit? Asset management capabilities, an integral part of the CA Service Management solution, provide comprehensive asset management software. They deliver proven ROI and can help you control IT spending, enable regulatory and policy compliance and improve service delivery. This digital asset management software helps you get the most out of your IT assets and enable "stock on hand inventory" fulfillment.

Our IT asset management solution determines what you're paying in hardware and software fees to help you optimize your cost structure and reallocate underutilized assets. The software asset management capability helps you plan your software licensing needs so that you can avoid audit-related fines and penalties, unnecessary purchases and overspending.

Extensive asset management features provide a proven solution to help you proactively manage the lifecycle of your assets. This robust IT asset management solution also helps improve service delivery by supporting the automated review, approval and fulfillment processes for hardware and software requests. Business consumers, power users and decision makers are provided with a modern user experience where they can view their IT assets, request new assets and services, collaborate with other users and resolve issues in a single place.

Taking the Mystery out of IT Financial Management

Key Features

  • Unified Self-Service
  • Financial management
  • Vendor management
  • Contract management
  • License management
  • Software asset management

Key Benefits

  • Deliver business value with a comprehensive asset lifecycle management solution.
  • Maximize the value of your IT assets and optimize your cost structure.
  • Streamline efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Increase software compliance.
  • Reduce business risks and costs.

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Reduce the risk of software license audits with CA IT Asset Manager

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