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CA Gen

(formerly AllFusion® Gen, IEF)

Deliver and maintain high-performing enterprise applications.

CA Gen provides a single, integrated development environment that can help your teams create and maintain large-scale business applications for multiple platforms. This streamlined environment can help reduce manual labor and speed migration time while ensuring the future relevance of existing environments and applications. CA Gen can also give your developers more time to develop and deploy the new applications needed to move into the future.

CA Gen uses agile development methods to design, deploy and maintain your applications. It helps integrate modeling and code generation functions into your systems to help you deliver the platform-independent applications necessary to run existing processes. This can help reduce your labor costs and enhance your systems. In addition, it helps make your applications “future proof” for subsequent updates.

CA Gen offers:

  • Platform-independent modeling to help developers focus on the business rather than the technology
  • Simplified maintenance to help reduce time and costs

Key Features

  • Create multiple application types from one model.
  • Access a multi-level repository to store and share the model.
  • Use multiple platform environments to build applications locally or remotely.
  • Use fourth-generation programming language to create application code that abstracts the application from the target and platform languages.

Key Benefits

  • Increases developer productivity during application delivery and maintenance
  • Speeds time to market with technology transformation, platform transition and software reuse
  • Reduces training costs
  • Improves application quality, performance, scalability, compliance and consistency

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