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CA Easytrieve® Report Generator

Generate reports across the enterprise.

With CA Easytrieve Report Generator, you can create and publish comprehensive reports to traditional report images and Web portals ̶ no matter your level of experience. And you can do so from enterprise data sources across multiple enterprise platforms.

Even novice users can produce business-critical reports for your customers using English-like commands and clear, declarative statements. And its enhanced facilities provide the experienced data processor with the tools to perform complex programming and data manipulation tasks.

CA Easytrieve Report Generator simplifies your team’s data management and reporting tasks which can:

  • Improve your team’s productivity.
  • Reduce the risk of human error.

Key Features

  • Report processing across platforms
  • Structured language
  • Immediate error detection
  • Internet-ready reporting
  • Comprehensive functionality

Key Benefits

  • Reduces potential for human errors
  • Minimizes information request backlogs
  • Improves productivity and system resource utilization
  • Better aligns IT with business needs while achieving cost savings and improving operational user efficiencies.

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