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CA Configuration Automation

(formerly CA Cohesion Application Configuration Manager)

Enforce configuration compliance policies and prevent data center outages due to configuration errors.

CA Configuration Automation automates resource-intensive and error prone configuration and compliance management processes in the data center. The solution automatically discovers network devices, servers, operating systems, applications, databases and middleware running in your infrastructure, inventories their configuration settings, and maps discovered components to dependent IT services for change impact analysis. CA Configuration Automation captures data and dependency information into snapshots that let you establish configuration baselines and gold standard for continuous change tracking and to detect configuration drifts. Detected configuration changes are reconciled with baselines and authorized change manifest for manual or automated remediation based on best practice change management lifecycle processes.

CA Configuration Automation also includes 1000s of rules and compliance blueprints to help you enforce and audit your environment for compliance with industry benchmarks and to meet standards such as PCI and DISA.

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enforce compliance policies and reduce risks
  • Prevent data center outages caused by configuration drifts
  • Establish best practice change lifecycle management

Key Features

  • Service profiling enables you to visualize relationships and dependencies between discovered services, servers, storage and applications for service impact and root cause analysis.
  • Track and compare configurations to approved baselines and “gold standards”; detect configuration drift and quickly remediate configuration errors.
  • Agentless and agent-based software auto-discovery provides extensive and flexible discovery options giving you a choice in how you manage your environment.

Key Benefits

  • Improve service availability with intuitive maps of relationships/dependencies between IT services and discovered components.
  • Define standardized configurations for provisioning infrastructure resources to enable repeatable and reusable IT services.
  • Minimize risk of unplanned outages and help avoid compliance violations with automatic remediation of configuration errors.

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