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CA Technologies Celebrates Community Manager Appreciation Day

In 2010, analyst and Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang established Community Manager Appreciation day (the 4th Monday in January) to build awareness about the contributions of professionals in this increasingly pivotal role in the online world.

Ellyn Raftery, SVP, Global Brand and Integrated Programs, comments: “We rely on our community managers to delight our customers, provide top level customer service, deliver the latest technical information and to foster customer interaction. CA Technologies is proud of the work this team does for us every day.”

The community manager role in an organization can be complex and expansive. Join CA Technologies as we mark January 24, 2011, the second annual Community Manager Appreciation Day. We recognize not just our own resourceful community managers, but also the growing importance of this growing job function in virtually all industries and organizations with an online presence.

CA Technologies Community Managers -Thank you for delighting our customers!

Watch this video and read about the background and experiences of some of the leading CA Technologies community managers below. Then visit their communities and follow, share, comment--and yes thank-- the community managers who continue to assist you in your work.

Did you know CA Technologies has many dedicated community management teams?

Mary Greening, Principal, Customer Programs, has years of community management experience and is currently deeply involved with other CA Technologies communities in the cloud space, such as CA NSM, CA Endevor, CA Software Change Management and CA Oblicore.

Twitter: marygreening

Chris Hackett, Principal, Customer Programs, manages a number of communities, including those for CA Clarity, CA Wily, CA NetQoS, and CA eHealth and CA Spectrum, our largest and most active community about service assurance.

Twitter: chrismhackett

Susan Krupski, Communities Coordinator, who’s been with CA Technologies for 6 years and with the Communities team for 3, is responsible for coordinating all of the regional activity in North America for our in-person user groups. She is a key operations person for enabling community management at CA Technologies.

Twitter: CA_Community

Abdel Laabi, Principal, Customer Programs/EMEA Liaison, is a 17-year CA Technologies veteran who’s been with Communities for 2 years. “We use community meetings to encourage people to not be shy and contribute to the success of their community. We remind that it's their community and we are there just to help & support them.” Abdel’s development plans, awareness campaigns in local languages and events management efforts have resulted in huge spikes for EMEA user group membership levels and participation.

Twitter: Abdel_Laabi

Suzanne Macaluso, Principal Business Analyst, joined the Communities team in 2010 but has 21 years of experience at CA Technologies. “Integrity is the primary ingredient and from watching the interaction on the boards, I see our customers getting value from participating and getting a sense of the human touch behind the products, which is something we can easily miss in these days of technology.”

Twitter: CA_Community

Rob Rachlin, Principal, Customer Programs, joined CA Technologies 8 years ago as a support engineer and worked in many different support roles, including Senior and Principal level Engineer, as well as Support Delivery Manager, prior to moving to his community management role in 2009. Rob’s community management duties range from security, recovery, client, service, and modeling management groups.

Twitter: RobRachlin

Chris Short, Principal, Customer Programs, has 14 years with CA Technologies and 2 with the Communities. What he says about his user groups: “The come up with innovative solutions you wouldn’t think would be possible.” Chris manages a variety of communities about issues such as CA Gen (Edge), CA IDMS (IUA) and CA Datacom (CADRE) that relate to mainframe systems.

Twitter: CA_ChrisShort

Derek Stevens, a recent graduate of Dowling College, has been since 2010 the community manager for Cloud Commons, a site dedicated to advancing the understanding, development and adoption of cloud computing.

Twitter: DerekintheCloud

J.J. Lovett, Manager, CA Support, has been with CA Technologies for six years, 5 of those with Communities. He runs the CA Community Advisory Council, a private 200-member strong group of all of CA Technologies global community board officers and regional user group presidents.

Twitter: lovettjj

Follow the community managers above. And remember you can also engage with us at CA Communities and CA Support on Twitter.


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