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Orchestria is now CA

CA, Inc. (CA) acquired Orchestria Corporation on January 5, 2009. This powerful combination offers IT security professionals a comprehensive portfolio of identity-centric data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. As part of CA’s Security Management solutions, CA DLP enables businesses to protect all types of sensitive information and assets from loss and misuse, remain compliant with regulations and corporate policies and reduce overall business risk.

About CA
CA is a recognized leader in the enterprise IT management software industry. CA Security Management solutions help organizations streamline their IT security environments and become more secure, agile and compliant with regulations and privacy mandates. By implementing complete, automated and integrated solutions, businesses striving towards lean and efficient IT management practices will enhance their ability to respond to change, accelerate time to value and reduce costs and security risks.

Product Information
CA DLP enables organizations to protect more types of data, more effectively and in more locations than any other single solution. CA DLP controls access to information for all users, including administrators and privileged users, and protects data from misuse by controlling how and where the information can be used. The solution increases the effectiveness of existing controls by minimizing inadvertent and malicious data loss and empowering firms to comply with various data protection regulations.

Learn more about how we are combining our comprehensive technologies and industry leading innovation to meet your data loss prevention needs, compliance requirements and even your supervision mandates.

CA DLP — Comprehensive data loss prevention to protect your company’s sensitive data.

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