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Next-Generation Mainframe Management with CA Mainframe Chorus

Published: 22 Feb 2012

Discover the newest groundbreaking mainframe innovations that will dramatically simplify mainframe management with this on-demand series.

This On-Demand webcast series includes:

Delivering on the Promise of CA Mainframe Chorus, Joe Clabby Analytics
Hear what Joe Clabby likes most about CA Mainframe Chorus and why he feels it offers mainframe managers and administrators a status view of systems health, a work area, and a knowledge database (to help operators find answers to their questions, or to provide instructions for executing procedures). Further, discover why Joe likes the way CA Technologies has automated certain manual functions, reducing management complexity and the time it takes to execute some tasks (in some cases from several hours to just minutes).

The CA Mainframe Chorus Role of DB2 Database Management
View the future of mainframe management with a detailed demonstration of CA Mainframe Chorus for DB2 Database Management.  It delivers a unique user experience for DB2 for z/OS DBAs. It helps streamline and automate repetitive DBA tasks, easily visualize complex DB2 for z/OS relationships, proactively monitor thresholds and alerts and more.

The CA Mainframe Chorus Role of Security and Compliance Management
Get a detailed demonstration on how you can dramatically simplify your mainframe security administration, helping you to maintain world class quality of service by increasing the productivity of your current security staff and providing an accelerated on ramp for your entire team to assume security and compliance management responsibilities.

CA Mainframe Chorus Version 2.0 Storage Management Role
Learn how CA Mainframe Chorus for Storage Management helps streamline and automate repetitive tasks so you have more time for more strategic projects.