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Build Out a Cloud

Published: 2 Feb 2012

Date: March 21, 2012
Time: 10 am CST

Innovative virtualization and cloud computing technologies can have a profoundly positive impact on IT service delivery, continuity and cost but as with any transformative technology, the adoption can be greatly influenced by an organization’s preparedness.

Failure to execute an analysis of an organization’s current environment, a gap study or a master plan prior to a wide-scale deployment of disruptive technologies often leads to a halt in a project or broader corporate initiative while remediation strategies are considered.

To address the challenges faced by so many organizations today, CA Technologies offers PRAGMATIC and FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS that address the entire cloud adoption lifecycle and are designed to help both enterprises and service providers fully realize the agility and operational benefits that can be derived from cloud computing.

Our solutions are designed to address the challenges enterprises and service providers will likely face at every stage of their journey to cloud -- from building consensus among IT and business stakeholders (e.g. cloud workshop) to determining which applications are best suited for the cloud (e.g. CAAS) to migrating workloads from a physical to the cloud environment (e.g. P2V migration factory) and ultimately fine tuning the environment through our process optimization and automation services.