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Quotes from Customers, Partners and Analysts - CA Technologies Mainframe 2.0 Solutions

Published: 27 Jun 2011



“We currently utilize CA Endevor SCM for all Mainframe software change management tasks and recently participated in the CA Endevor SCM V15.0 beta program,” said Joe Bigini, SCM Developer/Endevor Administrator for Aflac. “It was a breeze to install with CA MSM and we were very pleased with all of the new features – many of which were based upon customer requests.”

“The new mainframe web services feature will let us interface with both CA and non-CA products using these web services and ultimately reduce costs through the elimination of unnecessary platforms, additional software and resources,” continued Bigini. “Aflac will be taking advantage of the new features in CA Endevor SCM V15.0 in the next couple of months for all their SCM Mainframe activities — we are excited to be part of this cutting-edge technology and look forward to partnering with CA Technologies for all of our mainframe activities in the future.”

Garanti Technology (Turkey)

Business: Turkey’s second largest bank by asset size with nearly 800 branches and more than 3,000 ATMs. Eight million customers rely on Garanti Bank for a range of integrated financial services, including pensions, leasing, asset management, brokerage and retail banking.

“Before CA MSM, we were reliant on manual, time consuming processes to maintain and install products,” commented Adnan Can, principal mainframe specialist at Garanti Technology. “Now, we can update CA Technologies products at the click of a button, automating the maintenance process in a matter of minutes rather than hours."

Irish Life and Permanent

“CA’s Mainframe 2.0 initiative is helping automate operations that were previously performed by IT workers, helping us improve productivity and efficiency, and freeing-up IT staff to work on other projects,” said Jim Dalton, of group IT technical services for Irish Life and Permanent, a provider of retail banking, insurance, and investment services in Ireland. “This helps us improve service to over 1 million customers.”

Norfolk Southern

“The biggest benefits of the new version of CA IDMS to Norfolk Southern are the increased zIIP specialty engine exploitation that helps us lower costs and electronic delivery and implementation via CA MSM, saving us time and money by eliminating the need for manual FTP, tape creation, and SMP/E,” said Charlie Mathers, IDMS team lead for Norfolk Southern Corp.

“Eventually, the customization of CA IDMS will be incorporated into the CA MSM process, and that too will be of considerable value to Norfolk Southern and its rising crop of new CA IDMS DBAs.”


“CA MSM greatly simplified the management of our CA mainframe software suite and decreased the workload for our system programmers,” said Matti Vaisanen, manager of mainframe products at Tieto. “As a result, we were able to reduce the installation time for 70 products from 50 days to just seven hours (99.4% improvement) and were able to free up skilled staff for more strategic work.”

“Because of the high level of automation of MSM, simplification of the installation and maintenance processes enables our more experienced mainframe team members to be released for more productive work,” said Raimo Virtanen, senior systems software architect and mainframe veteran for Tieto.


“Our objective was to streamline the business process and the IT support we offer clients so they can focus on their real business, “said Derrell James, group president of ACS’ ITO group. “By seamlessly migrating services from several vendors to a single supplier, ACS was able to provide tangible results so our clients could continue to focus on their core business.”



International Software Products

Business: A CA Technologies development partner who manages some of the industry’s largest data and transaction environments on CA-IDMS for their customers, and provides value-added services to drive their relational data warehouse, data mart and query initiatives.

“Our customers depend on CA IDMS for some of the industry’s largest data and transaction environments, and leverage our service to drive their relational data warehouse, data mart and query initiatives,” said John Abell, president of International Software Products. “CA MSM helps address security risks, facilitates access to IDMS, and can more easily and quickly keep all our CA software up-to-date, ultimately contributing to a more cost-effective solution for our customers’ data management and business intelligence needs.”


Enterprise Management Associates

“CA Mainframe Software Manager is described by CA Technologies as "InstallShield® and Windows Update for the Mainframe". It is a key differentiator for CA because it promotes ease of use, installation, and tools administration for the CA mainframe toolset. It is intended to reduce the time required for mainframe administration tasks, as well as potential for operator error. It also makes it easier for less-skilled mainframe personnel to come up to speed more rapidly than they can with traditional, mainframe-based toolsets.” [1]

Clabby Analytics

“Because these tools feel ’familiar’ to IT personnel who have worked on Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems, they are expected to make it easier for managers/administrators who have experience on other operating environments to easily make the transition to managing mainframes. And because these tools automate underlying workflows, they can save hours (or even days) of manual administrative management work — enabling enterprises to make better use of mainframe management/administrative labor.” [2]

[1] EMA, “CA World 2010 Announcements: Customer-Driven Innovation Shapes the Future of Mainframe Management,” Julie Craig, June 17, 2010

[2] Clabby Analytics, Study “Irish Life and Permanent plc: Using CA Technologies Next Generation Tools and Utilities to Simplify Mainframe Management,” Joe Clabby, January 2010