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CA Top Secret z/OS administration complexity, manual labor-intensive processes, constant need for ad-hoc research and reporting, project and maintenance tools.

  • We Transform Technology Investments Into Productivity™
  • Established in 1994, we are a small business with a proven product and strategy to help CA Top Secret administrators become highly effective and highly productive
  • Our customer service and support shine because of our online tools backed by technicians who know and use our product
  • Our products reflect our extensive hands-on CA-Top Secret z/OS administration experience
Our solutions provide immediate productivity and value, require no middleware.


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Partner Solution and Description

TSSadmin Express

TSSadmin Express™ is a lean, drop-in solution that runs within a standard basic z/OS configuration. It is a stand-alone product and requires no APF authorization, no integration with database, LDAP or transaction servers, and no modifications or "hooks" to your existing software.

TSSadmin Express™ simplifies processes and eliminates the rote/repetitive aspects of the workflow, automating and streamlining security administrator tasks. The result: the work gets done more quickly and accurately. Customers have proven that TSSadmin Express™ significantly increases their work capacity by simplifying tasks, correlating data and improving productivity.

For these reasons, it's simple to install and requires near-zero maintenance by technical support staff.

A 50% productivity improvement is not uncommon -- many processes are tens- or hundreds- of times faster using the automated processes performed with TSSadmin Express™. Contact us for a free ROI analysis.

CA Technologies Solution CA Top Secret for z/OS
Integration Description

TSSadmin Express™ Integration with CA Top Secret for z/OS

Security administration labor costs far exceed the cost of the security software -- so it just makes sense to cut out the rote/manual processes and to minimize the time spent maintaining your CA Top Secret for z/OS security implementation.

  • Instantly generate and run sets of TSS commands online, eliminating one-at-a-time entry or submitting/tracking unnecessary batch jobs.
  • Quickly locate recent security changes affecting a User ID (and any attached profile), with literally one press of a button!
  • Content is automatically emphasized (including key security exposures) as part of your normal work.
  • Instantly transfer reports or data to your email inbox, avoiding manual file transfer processes.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data entry and copy/paste by transforming “display-only” data into powerful reusable objects that are processed with the press of a button.
  • Quickly find/assess data and build TSS commands using dozens of utility, search and editing commands that support in-depth/ad-hoc research and mass changes.
  • Diagnose/solve access problems quickly by dramatically reducing the run-time of multiple TSSUTIL reports
  • Simplify TSS LIST and WHOHAS output review by correlating and imbedding names and departments of associated ACID’s.
  • Instantly identify the cause of a resource violation with the press of a button.

TSSadmin Express Solution brief-https://www.tssadmin.com/TSSadminExpressDoForYou2012.pdf