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A word from our VP – Andy Askew, Vice President Mainframe Business Unit, CA Technologies, Europe
Sept 2013
Mainframes: the hot new technology?
The rise, fall and rise of the mainframe
Today’s technology evolves at breathtaking speed. And in our world of hyper-accelerated product lifecycles, it’s rare indeed for technologies to return to popularity once fashion has moved on.

Yet that’s precisely what’s happening with mainframes today. The latest powerful management and analytic tools are liberating the mainframe to play a vital role in your dynamic IT infrastructure.

Take a hot topic like big data. Ironically, there’s a natural fit between decades-old mainframe technology and the immense volumes of unstructured data generated by new channels. Smart enterprises are leveraging their mainframes’ raw power to combine existing structured data with data harvested from the Web, social media and other unstructured data like email.

IT’s need to do more with less is also key to the mainframe revival. Cost-conscious enterprises are thinking creatively about IT, and finding ingenious ways to leverage value from latent or underused assets. Today’s software tools have eased the task of integrating your mainframe with your virtualised, cloud-based or hybrid systems. So your mainframe can once more be recognised as a central pillar of your infrastructure.

Of course, some challenges persist. Enterprise mainframes have evolved into complex and often unique entities. As a result, they demand exceptionally specialised skills and knowledge. This can create a skills shortage in IT.

The masters of mainframe will help you overcome these challenges. Each quarter, we’ll feature the most relevant industry, product and technology news. So as your mainframe returns to centre stage, you’ll keep your skills current, maximise your contribution to the business, and help nurture the next generation of mainframers.

If skills shortages are especially pressing, check out our Mainframe Academy – the flexible way to gain real-world technical skills in an accelerated timeframe. I look forward to joining you on this exciting journey into the continued mainframe renaissance.
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