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Assure service quality
with powerful network monitoring software.

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Maintain 360° visibility of your network

CA Unified Infrastructure Management delivers powerful network monitoring software that provides complete network visibility, enabling you to maintain the highest levels of business service quality. It’s a single, comprehensive solution that helps you optimize operational efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple network monitoring tools.

Powerful yet simple

CA Unified Infrastructure Management offers the ease-of-use and simplicity associated with point network monitoring tools yet delivers enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy that power some of the largest and most complex infrastructures across the globe.

Comprehensive network monitoring

CA Unified Infrastructure Management includes connectivity monitoring for network devices such as routers, switches, servers, applications, printers and practically any other device. A specialized probe verifies network and TCP-based connectivity.

Real-time dashboards and alarms

CA Unified Infrastructure Management enables you to create and customize user-specific network monitoring dashboards. Alarm dashboards can show up-to-the-minute status of critical network links, bandwidth utilization, network latency, response times and other critical network issues.

Network performance trend reports

CA Unified Infrastructure Management allows businesses to track and trend network availability and performance parameters such as network interface utilization, error rates, connectivity failures, latency and any other technical items from a service-level perspective.

Reduce System & Network Outage by Up to 40%

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Free network monitoring software

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Snap enables you to monitor up to 30 devices for free, including servers, applications, databases, storage systems and network devices. You can download, deploy, monitor and report on your most critical servers and network devices in as little as an hour.

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management product details

Learn more how CA Unified Infrastructure Management can help you eliminate the need to manage multiple network monitoring tools by providing a single solution that can help your organization increase end-user productivity and improve IT efficiency.

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CA UIM for Network Monitoring

This white paper provides more detailed information on how CA Unified Infrastructure Management can increase visibility and help you achieve a higher level of business service quality. This network monitoring software is architected to monitor access and response times to all network devices, applications and service ports. In addition to network performance monitoring, CA Unified Infrastructure Management can detect, isolate and accelerate resolution of a variety of system issues.

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CA UIM for Flow Analysis

This data sheet discusses how this network traffic monitoring solution can help you leverage IP traffic information throughout your organization. Architected to help you better understand usage patterns and manage workloads, this network traffic monitor can help you visualize where the main network traffic flows exist, assess performance data and drill down to get the specific data you need to make the most informed decisions. A robust network traffic analyzer, CA UIM for Flow Analysis provides detailed performance views that help your team spot and fix issues more quickly.

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CA UIM for RCA and Topology

This data sheet discusses how CA UIM can automatically discover any IP device and map out the relationships and dependencies in your network environment. In addition, it features an engine that analyzes alarms for likely root causes, helping you boost network performance and availability through more timely and intuitive insights into network status and issues.

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