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Facet Consulting Partner Spotlight

Publication: Facet Consulting Partner Spotlight, 23/10/2013

Facet Consulting

Level 2, 303 Coronation Drive
Milton QLD 4064
Tel: +61 7 3010-6000


Facet Consulting are a leading provider of CA Gen services, and a global CA Technologies Services Partner for the delivery of expert CA Gen services. Facet has supported CA Gen customers around the globe for over ten years, ensuring our customers maximise the return from their CA Gen investment. Facet has proven capability in each of the following areas:

CA Gen upgrades are an infrequent but critical to ensuring your CA Gen applications continue to operate on supported platforms, and the latest product features from CA Technologies can be leveraged. Facet has helped dozens of organisations around the world quickly and painlessly to keep their CA Gen applications and infrastructure current and optimized. Facet use and recommend Upgrade Console, available from Response Systems, to accelerate project delivery and minimize risk and cost.

CA Gen Application performance tuning is often required when large, complex or mature applications reach critical inflection points and resource consumption needs to be optimized to meet new service level agreements, or deliver necessary cost savings. Facet has undertaken the application performance tuning of large and complex CA Gen applications delivering significant cost savings to our customers. Facet use and recommend APMConnect, available from Response Systems, to provide unique application hotspot insights.

Enterprise Application Transformation services support customer imperatives to consolidate sprawling application portfolios, and/or consolidate their application or deployment technologies. Facet’s deep background with Enterprise application delivery enable us to help guide our customers through the complex options and choices, outlining both short and longer term implications. Facet use and recommend ProgGen from Arikan Productivity Group (APG) for its ability to provide unique insights to existing application codebases, and rapidly move them into key target platforms and technologies.

Application Architecture reviews are periodically useful to benchmark the growth, structure, performance and functional delivery of mature applications. Long periods of organic growth can lead to application code bases that become increasingly challenging to maintain for a range of reasons: structure, size, complexity, performance, functional delivery, external integration and exposure to new or alternate channels. Facet have reviewed a range of large and complex applications across a variety of geographies and industry sectors, and can provide insight into both the root causes of specific challenges, and also comparative metrics against other application systems of comparable size.

CA Gen Application development can be delivered onsite with Customers, or undertaken using our own development infrastructure – perfect for those additional projects that require additional resources for fixed durations to deliver specific outcomes. Facet has successfully delivered ongoing application maintenance and support as well as new development projects, for our Customers across most industry sectors, across the globe. As long-established CA Gen practitioners we have the contacts and relationships to identify and provide the key personnel required when additional resources are needed.